Welcome to the Crown Jewel of the Flanaess, The City of Magic, The City of Thieves, The City of Adventure. For many, it is a traders paradise, with its staggering population of 69,500, the city is home to many of the wealthiest and poorest people in the Flanaess. The Trading capital of the world, it’s population swells to upwards of 80,000 in the peak trading seasons. Home to the Circle of Eight, the Guild of Wizardry, and a Tower devoted to the Mages of the Arcane Order, She is a Haven, and for some a nightmare, to some of the most powerful mages who ever lived. But for all its might, glory, glamour, and intrigue, it is a city in political turmoil, a hive of social unrest. For it is also home, or one should say breeding ground, to the largest network of thieves ever to assemble in one place. However one might think of the ever present denizens of the night, the four most powerful, and influential, Thieve’s Guilds of the entire world make the City anything but Free to many in the poorest distracts. Many come to Her famed streets to find wealth, only to loose it. Still others come to escape, only to become trapped. Indeed, welcome one and all to the most delicious and diabolical city in history. Welcome to The Free City of Greyhawk.

Social Unrest

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